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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Meet Bob Grove, local writer and interesting person

Recently Bob Grove, prose critique facilitator for NCWN-West, told us that he had published three more books. Bob has published 18 books already, but he has not stopped writing or publishing. I asked Bob to write something for our blog about him and his writing. This is what he said:

I suspect the fact that I bounced through five different colleges and universities before I settled down on a major could account for the diversions of my life—at least partially. I was on a first-name basis with the university registrar who patiently processed me through about a dozen different changes.

Although I've written and published 18 books, the most recent three were spawned by vastly separate circumstances.

I have a large extended family—sixteen grandchildren (last count) and a half-dozen great-grandchildren. They like to hear amusing stories about my life, and I enjoy telling them. Thus, was born Misadventures of an Only Child.

My autobiography continues to serve well for public readings; the revelations are usually followed up by one typical question from the audience: “Did you really do that?”  Yes, I did.

One of my fifty or so professions, occupations, and odd jobs included (and still includes) auctioneering. A personal fascination, is the endless assortment of bogus medical contraptions that have been foisted on the vulnerable public for centuries. I began collecting some of them myself, and finally wrote a descriptive, illustrated collection of these devices, entitled Medical Quackery.

And thirdly, my fascination with the workings, and more specifically, misworkings of the human mind led me to teach adult education classes in the recognition of mental disorders (my wife says I’m ADHD/OCD). I soon realized that there weren’t many easy-to-read volumes available on the subject, propelling me to publish my own textbook for classroom instruction, Abnormal Psychology.

Bob earned his bachelor’s degree from Kent State University and his master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University. He and his wife Judy live in Brasstown, NC.

You will find Bob’s books on, Kindle and on Create Space:      Misadventures of an Only child      Medical Quackery       Abnormal Psychology

Interview by Glenda Council Beall

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Local Author Bob Grove to read at Coffee with the Poets and Writers, Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 10:30 AM, at the Moss Memorial Library, Hayesville, NC

Coffee with the Poets and Writers, a monthly meeting at the Moss Memorial Library, 26 Anderson Street, Hayesville, NC, will feature Bob Grove on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 10:30 AM. Grove is a well-published author, and a member of NCWN-West. He facilitates the Netwest Prose Critique Group each month at Tri-County Community College.

Grove has been an ABC-TV public affairs director, an on-air personality, and the founder and publisher of Monitoring Times Magazine. He is an officer with the Ridgeline Literary Alliance, and he has published seventeen books and hundreds of articles in sixteen national magazines.

Bob Grove was born in Cleveland, OH. He earned his Bachelor of Arts at Kent State University and his Master of Science at Florida Atlantic University. His diversified curriculum enabled him to teach courses in English, journalism, creative writing, physics, chemistry, biology and psychology.

Now retired after 35 years as founder of Grove Enterprises, Grove has more time to write. Most recently, he published a mystery novella, Secrets of Magnolia Manor, his memoir, Misadventures of an Only Child, a collection of children’s stories Adventures of Kaylie and Jimmy, and has written several flash fiction stories.

He has been awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals in the Silver Arts Competition in the Cherokee County, NC senior games, in their literature competition.

Bob’s public readings are popular as a performance art form, typified by his annual December reading, in costume and dialect, of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol at the John C. Campbell Folk School. All his publications are available on Amazon Kindle, and he can be found online at . Bob's readings entertain and his audience laughs with delight at his humor.

Coffee with the Poets and Writers is sponsored by the NC Writers Network-West, a program of the NC Writers’ Network, the largest literary organization in the state. The community is invited to attend and take part in the Open Mic reading, so bring a couple of poems or a short prose piece.

The group often goes to lunch at Angelo’s restaurant on the square in Hayesville after the reading and guests are invited to join them.

Contact Glenda Beall at: 828-389-4441

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