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C. Hope Clark, Joseph Bathanti, David Joy, Karen Holmes, Carol Crawford, Pat Vestal, Katie Winkler, Meagan Lucas

9:00 - 4:30, fee includes lunch, coffee, drinks and pastries
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Showing posts with label Echoes Across the Blue Ridge edited by Nancy Simpson with a Forward by Robert Morgan. Show all posts

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Were you there when Kathryn Byer held a party for NCWN West writers?

Linda Smith, Michelle Keller, Kathryn Byer at City Lights Books in Sylva, NC
We gathered at City Lights Books August 8, 2010 to launch Echoes Across the Blue Ridge. Kathryn Byer hosted the gathering of more than 100 writers and poets, most of whom were published in this anthology of mountain writers, edited by Nancy Simpson.

See many more photos and read more about this special time here.

We are honoring the late NC poet laureate, Kathryn Stripling Byer, on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at the Jackson County Public Library in Sylva, NC. 
We will gather at 2:00 p.m. to hear her poems, to hear about her achievements, her caring and compassion for others, especially poets she helped on their way to becoming published. 
A reception will follow, a time to talk with others who knew and loved Kay.
Come and be with us.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

THE ANTHOLOGY, ECHOES ACROSS THE BLUE RIDGE FLEW OFF THE BOOK TABLE INTO HANDS OF READERS at the Indian Summer Festival in SUCHES, GEORGIA, According to a Report From NCWN West Georgia Representative Carole Richard Thompson.

Hello, Everyone:  Thanks to each of you for your great help this weekend at the Festival in Suches.  Norm and I could not have done it without you.  It may not be a record, but we did sell 9 Echoes on Saturday, which was like a sunny blizzard, if you can understand what that means, and on Sunday, which was a little warmer, but still windy, we actually sold 5 more, totalling 14, which adds up to $196 at our Festival Reduction Price of $14.  I just sent the money off to Newt Smith with a little note.  I told him if I won the Lotto, I'd buy a very sturdy tent for Netwest to use at Festivals, because just being there can be so much fun. 
     Despite the cold and wind, Norm and I got the biggest kick out of looking at people and their kids and dogs going by, tents turning over, especially when, on Sunday, the nice guy selling lemonade caught the brunt of a mini tornado and his umbrella, stuck in the ground to add ambiance, pulled out of the ground and flew over to my tent, the steel pole side-glancing my head.  This, after just hearing on TV that one should be very careful to protect one's head, as studies have now shown that it might be a factor in onset of Alzheimer's somewhere along the line.  He had just brought me over lemonade that morning to show his appreciation to me for bandaging up his finger, which was cut somehow Saturday when his tent blew over the first time.  I had, also, along with several other people, set about picking up several dozens of his scattered lemons. 
    One of our poets, Judy Burch, was there with her husband, serving up lots of delicious barbeque to the hungry crowd.  Judy said it was a bit colder and windier than usual, but, some years it was just perfect.  Judy's farm was just over the hill, so she should know.They do have perfect fried pies, hot off the fire, and undescribably delicious funnel cakes. (Well, Robert and Norm minded the store and let Maren and me walk around some.  Maren found a basket that we both wanted, but that will have to wait til another day and another Indian Summer Festival in Suches.

 Kudos to the fine folks who live there and work hard every year to raise money for their brave little Woody Gap School, which turns out some some fine High School graduates every year.  Union County is very proud of Woody Gap School, located in Suches, elv. about 3,400 ft in a beautiful "Valley Above the Clouds."  Suches is the only town in Union County, other than Blairsville.
    Thanks for hanging in there with this long email.  I just enjoyed the whole experience so much.  Love, Carole Thompson

Sunday, August 29, 2010

WRITERS Celebrated the Publication of ECHOES ACROSS THE BLUE RIDGE

NC Writers Network West celebrated yet again the publication of Echoes Across the Blue Ridge on Sunday August 29, 2010 in Murphy, North Carolina, at TWICE UPON A TIME Book Store.

Editor Nancy Simpson thanked all who donated their writing and all who worked to accomplish the publication of the anthology.

Let it be noted that Richard Argo (February 21, 1944 - July 8, 2010) was remembered and that Paul Donovan read one of Richard Argo's stories from Echoes Across the Blue Ridge.

A number of authors read their own work that was included in the anthology.

A champaign toast was made by Clarence Newton.

Thank you to Mary Ricketson who hosted the event.

Book Stores where you can buy a copy of Echoes Across the Blue Ridge $16.00

City Lights Books, Sylva

Curiosity Books in Murphy, NC

Phillips and Lloyd Books in Hayesville, NC

Books Unlimited, Franklin, NC

Book Nook, Blairsville, GA

Blue Ridge Books, Waynesville, NC

Malaprop's bookstore in Asheville, NC

Twice Upon A Time in Murphy, NC

Highlands Books, Brevard, NC

Fountainhead Book Store, Hendersonville,NC

Phone number: 828-835-9319
Twice Upon A Time Used Books
1214 Andrews Rd
Murphy , North Carolina 28906 United States

A special Thank You to Peg Russell who took these photos.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


We turned right on Spring Street and drove to the top of the hill. City Lights Book Store in Sylva, NC. Believe me, the place was surrounded by cars and people. The party was hosted by Kathryn Stripling Byer, NCWN West's Program Coordinator, City Light Book Store and Spring Street Cafe.

Glenda Beall, NCWN West Marketing Manager.

Kathryn Stripling Byer welcomed Linda M. Smith from Hayesville, NC and Mary Michelle Keller from Young Harris, Georgia.
Delicious Food was spread and a champaign toast was made to the editor and contributors.

Chances are you were there, for I recall standing room only, one hundred or more writers paying their respects to one another for a job completed, a job well done.

And so once again, I felt "out of my body", beside myself with joy, with echoes across City Lights Book Store and Spring Street Cafe on the evening of August 8, 2010.

Most of these photos were taken by Peri Gordon Flohr. I'm sharing them with NCWN West Program Coordinator, Kathryn Stripling Byer, so you may see even more of them on the Netwest site.

Peri Gordon Flohr, writer (took most of these pictures, except for a few stolen by N.S. )

Janice Townley Moore of Hayesville, NC, Tipper Pressley of Brasstown, NC, William V. Reynolds of Murphy, NC, Rose Mary Royston of Blairsville, Georgia, Truman McKillip of Marble, NC and Joyce Reynolds of Murphy NC.

Poet Rose Mary Royston had three poems chosen for ECHOES ACROSS THE BLUE RIDGE:
"Dogwood Winter", "Neighbor Lady" and "The Possibliity of Snow". She read two poems in the open mic reading at the party.

Poet Clarence Lee Newton from Young Harris, Georgia, had two poems included: "Walking on Chatuge Dam at Dawn" and "Glad Hands at Lake Burton."
Glenda Beall's essay " The Trillium" found on page 31 of the anthology.

Poet Jayne Jaudon Ferrer had two poems in the anthology: "Street Scene" and "Homage."

Gary Carden is the author of an essay, " Listen to the Mockingbird" included in the anthology and also a short story: "Quincy and Rush."

Thomas Rain Crowe is the author of "Triple Negatives: Losing A Langauge" included in
Echoes Across the Blue Ridge. The essay contained two poems: "Here With Who Shot John" and"Crack Light".

Poet, Ellen Andrews authored two poems included the anthology: "Homing" and "Contradance in Brasstown".

Jennifer McGaha's essay "Looking Glass" was chosen for the anthology.

Fiction Writer, George Ivey wrote "Creekside Conspiracies".

Poet Rachel Bronnum had two poems included in the anthology: "The Goat Man" and "Emma". (here with Echoes Across the Blue Ridge editor Nancy Simpson)

Poet from Cherokee, Deborah Kinsland Foerst, authored two poems: " Corn Dance" and
"a gi li si."

Poet Joyce Foster, authored "A Taste of a Ripe Peach at Midnight."

Mary Michelle Keller recited her poem "As the Deer".

Linda M. Smith read "The Lapadry Artist", one of her poems in ECHOES ACROSS THE BLUE RIDGE.

Carole Richard Thompson recited her poem, " Returning", about twin falls returning after a long drought in the north Georgia Mountains. p 140. "I hear again/the liquid music of the mountains, spilling over ledges,/ and there, across a divide, stand two triumphant waterfalls."

Laughter. Carl Iobst read "Aunt Lucille Whups the Bear."
More Laughter: Mary Lou McKillip, story teller and writer read her anthology story, "If You Can't Run With the Big Dogs, Stay on the Porch."

Arnie Nielson read his story that made me warm all over, and made a tear roll out of my eye - "Sadie Underwood."

Robert Edward Fahey read "Mountain Journal" an excerpt from The Mourning After, a novel in progress.

Dick Michener had two short stories in the anthology: "Jesus Freak" and "The Final Gathering"

Janice Townley Moore read " Photos From Another State." She also had a second poem published in the anthology, "In September."

William V. Reynolds read "The Man on the Doorsteps." He is the author of many novels and the owner of Double Eagle Enterprises - BOOKS FOR THE COMMON MAN

Last but not least to read her story "The Spirit Tree" was Susan Lefler from Brevard, North Carolina.
In Memory of Richard Argo,( Feb. 21, 1944 - July 8, 2010) NCWN West's Monthly Prose Critique Group Leader for 15 years, the author of "The Apple Man" and " Turtle" . It seemed to me he was there with us at City Lights, reading his stories to us.

Where can I buy a copy of ECHOES ACROSS THE BLUE RIDGE?

City Lights Books, Sylva
and other book stores in the western Carolina mountains.
It is is available for purchase at only $16.00.