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Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Can You Barter?

Have you ever bartered your expertise for something you want in return? I wrote a newspaper article for a massage therapist in return for a massage. I tutored a beginning writer online and in return he subscribed to a literary magazine in my name.
I am a big fan of barter. I find it hard to put a monetary value on some things, but the value of my experience, ability or knowledge can often be exchanged for something I would not necessarily buy for myself, but would still enjoy.

Recently a delightful woman offered me a week at her beach house in Florida in exchange for helping her with her writing while I'm there. She is a genealogy enthusiast and bought my book, Profiles and Pedigrees, Tom Council and His Descendents, (publisher: Genealogy Publishing Company)a couple of years ago.
Not only will this be a terrific exchange for me, but my husband Barry loves the idea. And he doesn't have to do anything but go with me and do the driving.
I have earned little money from writing, and I teach because I love to see the beginning students read a piece they'd written and realize their life story is totally unique and no one can write it the way they do. I've heard the most wonderful and unique stories from students whose lives had seemed ordinary until they learned how to dig down and explore the truth. I don't think there is enough money to pay me for that experience.

I like the barter system and I hope to do more and more of that in the coming year. Anyone have a cabin in Colorado they want to barter?

What might you have to offer someone in return for their expertise? I know many of our Netwest members have talents they could barter. Let me know if you have done that and how you liked the experience. You can comment on this blog or email me.