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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Congratulations, Janet Sloane Benway

 Janet Sloane Benway, a member of Netwest, won a bronze medal (third prize) for her poem, "Little Boy Blues,"in the Silver Arts contest of the Senior Games of Transylvania County. This medal is special to Janet who, after a long illness, is now well and living
at College Walk, a retirement Community in Transylvania County, North Carolina. Congratulations, Janet.

Little Boy Blues
By Janet Sloane Benway

Mommy moved to Maryland last May.
Daddy says she doesn’t love us anymore.
But, gee, when I visited Mom this summer,
she took me and my sisters to a park
and a place where they have dinosaur bones
and airplanes, and I thought it was awesome.

Daddy says we’re moving to Savannah.
He bought a house there.
He travels a lot.
He’s a Marine.
He lets me try on his jacket—with medals.
He’s been to Iraq twice.
I’m going to be a Marine when I grow up.
I’m six and a half.

Daddy says a nice lady from South America
will come to Savannah to take care of us.

Mom just bought a BMW.
I can’t wait to ride in it.
Maybe Mom will have us come at Christmas.
But Mom says she’s pretty busy
with her new job right now.

Gee, I wish Dad would come home.
He’s in India.
I’m going there someday—
maybe when I’m seven.