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You and the entire membership of Netwest have been an inspiration to me in my writing life. The group is a welcoming & encouraging gathering of like-people. Thank you for all you've done for others. It does not go unnoticed.
Nancy Purcell

Monday, June 21, 2021



Carroll Taylor will staff an NCWN-West booth at the Festival on the Square in Hayesville, NC on July 9,10, 11.

This is a large festival that brings thousands of people to our historic and beautiful town. Members who want to bring a few books to sell can contact Carroll for instructions. The number of titles will be limited due to a shortage of space. If you plan to come for the weekend and spend both days at the booth, be sure to let Carroll know. You can reach her by phone: 1 706-896-7363 or email: vibiaperpetua@gmail.com. The space in the booth will be limited. 

More News from NCWN-West

We are excited to have William Elliott, a man of wood and words, as our guest on July, 9,  7:00 PM for Writers' Night Out on Zoom. Mark your calendars now. This is a man of varied talents and abilities, a writer and poet and educator and man who works with his hands.

"In my teaching career, I authored eight books and numerous articles in social ethics and religion. After over thirty years of academic work — in Germany, India, and South Africa as well as in the United States — I wanted to turn my hand to writing that was more poetic and expressive. I also wanted a more viable balance between my work with words and my work with wood, especially furniture for worship settings."

 I suggest you travel around his website  http://williameverett.com/  and learn more about him so you can ask questions the night he appears on Writers' Night Out. He and I will have a conversation and he will read some of his work. You will find it most interesting, I'm sure.

If you don't receive the link to join us before July 5, please email me at, glendabeall@msn.com and I will send you the invitation. 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Interview with P.C. Zick (Patricia Zick) multi-genre author


Recently, the prolific author, P.C. Zick was our guest on Writer’s Night Out. She agreed to an interview for our Netwest Writers site. Thank you so much, Pat, for this interview. We know you are a busy person and our readers will learn that, too, when they read this post.

GCB: Your bio says you have a home in Tallahassee, Florida. Are you from Florida originally?

PCZ: Anyone who hears me speak can tell after about five seconds that I was not raised in the south because I’ve never lost my Michigan nasal twang. I was born and raised in a small Michigan town but moved to north Florida forty years ago.

GCB: You have a series of books set in Florida. Will you tell us about them?  

PCZ: I have three books in my Florida Fiction series. They are a series because they address the same themes about Florida’s environment, wildlife (both human and animal), and impacts of development upon the landscape. Setting plays a huge role in all my novels as I use it to move plot, set mood, and characterize the folks populating the fiction. All three books contain elements of my life as a journalist, feature writer, and public relations director for Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission as I used research done for assignments as the seed for the plots in these novels.

GCB: When did you begin spending your summers here in Western NC? Why did you choose this area? Which books did you write that are inspired by this region?

PCZ: We bought our cabin in 2015 in the Peachtree area outside Murphy, NC. Around the same time, I was under obligation to write a Christmas romance for a multi-author boxset. I hadn’t chosen a setting yet, but when I sat on my front porch overlooking the surrounding mountains, setting chose me. I loved the community of people I created for that book so much I continued to write three more sweet romances set in the fictional town of Laurel, NC, in western NC. These four books make up my Smoky Mountain Romance series.

GCB: Have you always been a writer or wanted to be a writer, or did you come to writing later in life?

PCZ: A little bit of both. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I wasn’t able to admit it to anyone until my late forties when my first book was published.

GCB: You wear many writerly hats, Pat. You write and publish in many genres. Do you recommend writers be more diverse in their writing? What are the advantages?

PCZ: I believe it’s a personal decision, neither right nor wrong. For me, I diversify to keep me from being bored. Other authors have great success with either keeping to one genre, writing to market, or using different pen names for each genre. It’s more difficult to create a “brand” for marketing when writing such diversified books.

 GCB: You have published romantic fiction, contemporary fiction, and creative nonfiction as well as short stories, articles, columns, and essays.  You are a busy writer. Do you ever feel you have to take a break from writing? If so, what do you do with your time?

PCZ: My writing takes a break from me at times, but I do not adhere to the concept of “writer’s block.” If I’m on deadline, I force myself to write using various techniques such as leaving my routine and writing space to do something different. When not on deadline and writing not coming easily, I read voraciously, watch movies, and even some reality TV. But I’m still a writer as I read, watch, and listen carefully for dialogue, plot devices, and literary techniques. It’s all prewriting!

GCB: You also are known for helping other writers. In what ways do you pass on your knowledge about writing?

PCZ: So many people from teachers to editors to other writers have assisted me along the way in my career that I feel I have a responsibility to help others. I encourage others to contact me via my website, email, Facebook, Twitter, or phone. I meet folks for coffee or talk on the phone and answer questions. I also have an editing business and help beginning writers take a rough draft through to publication.

That’s why when COVID hit, I decided to pull together all my knowledge on writing and publishing into one reference book, The Author’s Journey: A Road Map for Writers – From Draft to Published Book. It can be used by beginning writers and more experienced writers both as a handy reference. If I don’t answer the question, I provide an extensive bibliography for further information.

GCB: That is a wonderful book for any writer, but especially new writers. I recommend it to my students.

GCB: We always want to know the writer’s method of writing and publishing. Do you have certain times of day you write? Do you write every day?

PCZ: When I’m in the throes of writing a novel, I write every day after I clear my desk of emails and social media marketing. Even if I only spend a few minutes on the book, I consider it something. It might be research or tweaking what I wrote the day before, but I feel it’s crucial to keep at it, so time isn’t wasted going back and trying to remember what has happened previously. I consider everything I put to paper a form of writing, so in that way, I’m constantly stretching and practicing my craft. I even handwrite cards I send via snail mail to cheer folks or share news in a creative way.

GCB: Where are your books sold, Pat? Can we find them locally or where can we order them?

PCZ: My books are all available on Amazon in both eBook and paperback. Some are available for wider distribution with other major online retailers. Also, most of my books are now available on Audible. Folks can search “PC Zick” on Amazon and other retailers. Just click on my name and it takes you to my retail page. Also, visit pczick.com and all my books and their purchase sites are listed along with access to my editing website, The Manuscript Doctor.

GCB: Thank you so much for being with us, Pat. We always enjoy learning more about our members of NCWN-West and we look forward to hearing more from you on Mountain Wordsmiths with Carroll Taylor, Thursday, June 24.

PCZ: Thank you, Glenda. Your support of local writers is greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to Mountain Wordsmiths on June 24 where I will read from my current work in progress, The Grateful Fates.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Big News from NCWN-West member, Bob Brooks

 Dear Writers:

With glee, I share the press release announcing the publication (actually the ebook only at the moment) of my espionage novel Clean Copy.  Many of you have participated in the honing of this work, a first novel I began over twenty years ago.  Some may recall that the bad guys were originally from Japan.  Time marches on.

Press Release Clean Copy

Local Author Releases Fourth Novel

Pisgah Forest, NC resident Bob Brooks has released his fourth novel Clean Copy on 15 June 2021.  Published by Next Chapter Publishing, London, U.K. as a digital book to be followed by print and audible versions, Clean Copy is a fiction work spanning several genres, including thriller, espionage, and science fiction. 

“This is a tale for the reader who likes action and adventure,” said Brooks.  “In my short promotion pitch for Clean Copy, I capture this notion: The science of brain-recording and modification sparks international espionage, kidnapping, and murder.  And salvation by a robot.

Clean Copy is highly topical, dealing with the theft of technology by China, a topic in the daily news.  In this fictional treatment, the technology leads to modification of human behavior, an achievement that could A picture containing person, sky, person, outdoor

Description automatically generatedtransform society and transform military capabilities. 

 “The challenge was to capture this cerebral threat in a personal tale of interest to my readers,” Brooks said.  “I made this a story of Peter Valois, who leads a comfortable life as a scientist on a hot project recording brains in a San Diego company.  Staying on the straight and narrow has given him a comfortable life until his druggie teenage son forces risk-taking.  Especially when a ruthless but alluring spy Antoinette Marino uses the son for blackmail.”

Brooks has been writing since college and seriously in retirement.  His short stories in the science fiction, fantasy, and mystery categories have appeared in printed and ezine formats, including Bewildering Stories, Aurora Wolf, Quantum Muse, and The Great Smokies Review. 

Leo Publishing published his first novel, a fantasy entitled Justi the Gifted, in 2015, and this was followed in 2017 by The Clown Forest Murders (Black Opal Books), a mystery co-authored with A.C. Brooks.  

The third novel The Gifted Spawn (Escarpment Press) appeared in 2021.  He is a member of The Appalachian Roundtable, The Blueridge Writers Group, and NC Writers Network.  He is a judge for the Eric M. Hoffer Awards for small and independent published books and served as judge for Brevard Little Theater’s play competition.  His website is www.brooks-authors.com.

Brooks’ novels are available in paperback and electronic versions from booksellers.  Paperbacks can be ordered from your local bookstore.


Take a look:

Digital book Amazon Clean Copy