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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Hod, LTZ

Here it is!
The Hod, LTZ

I know, it sounds bad, but bad is the new good. What’s an LTZ? A long thin zipper? No. LTZ stands for literary tabloid zine – a dirt cheap magazine [read free] that will give you some thrills in ways you never thought possible. Different than your average literary magazine. Funky. Wise. Artistic. Over the edge. Under the table. Like TV when it first came out – all in Black and White. Put on your sunglasses when you fan through a copy then get hooked. We’re looking for writers with a fresh style and zazz and cool artists with a graphic flair. Art that’s inviting.
Go To: and check out our guidelines. [the website isn’t the zine] We use a template for the website. The zine won’t have a template. Send us something bad that’s good or something good that’s good. We want contributors who understand that an alternative zine enlivens creative people and stirs them to the inward search for really creative ideas and work.
FIRST ISSUE ---- End of June, 2009
Keep an eye out.
Here’s a sample from the forthcoming –

call Glinda,
please: we need a new Oz.
The munchkins have gotten out of hand.
They gutted the old Oz
then ate what

The Editors