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Friday, January 2, 2009

Peg Russell's Favorite websites for Writers

Peg Russell of Murphy, NC is a writer I often turn to when I need information found on the web. At my request she sent a list of some of her favortie sites for writers and some for general interest.

GOOD ONES site has contests, conferences, places to publish, etc. (Gulf Coast Writers. org)
database search for publishers of poetry, short stories, novels
free newsletter with articles and poetry markets
free newsletter, too many ads, but good market info
where to check out scams, slow payers, etc.
free newsletter, too many, but good market info, too chatty
free newsletter, Angela Booth sells her stuff, but
advice articles are light, good to review advice

free newsletter, not a writer newsletter, but fascinating information about plants in history, folk beliefs, etc. General information
http://http://http// free newsletter about current forensic news in USA and abroad
Thanks, Peg

If any writers who read this blog would like to share some of your favorite sites for writers, please send them to
On subject line write: good sites for writers