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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A November Poem

November is here again, cold and cloudy. I want to share a poem that was published on Your Daily Poem by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer    - November Trees
When you visit this site, you will see the variety, quality and quantity of poetry Jayne has published on Your Daily Poem. If you want her thousands of readers to see your poetry, submit it to Jayne. You can subscribe and receive her poetry in your Inbox. 

Below is another November poem, a little more somber this time.

  November Evening

Sky cradles a sliver of  moon.
Saturn in the West, the only star.
Humpbacked mountains crouch.
Trees point leafless limbs above me.
Cold stings my cheeks, chills fingers
searching for warmth inside my coat. 
The white dog trots ahead
and pokes his nose into bushes
left bare by last week's freeze. Snow will fall
before dawn, dress firs, pines and oaks,
hills and houses in winter's wrapping.
I stop, savor the closing moments of dusk,
loath to go within and face the truth.

Will my brother see another autumn's gold?
Or does Eternity wait like the glistening
days of December, beckoning light
so bright he is drawn forever away?
               --- Glenda Council Beall