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Sunday, November 21, 2010

karen Holmes, poet, writer and successful business woman

Karen Paul Holmes  - instructor - Week of January 30, 2011
"Sing and Paint with Words"

Our members of Netwest know Karen Holmes as the editor and publisher of our Netwest News, newsletter for our chapter of NCWN. Karen has published her poetry in some of the best literary journals. She was most influential in editing Echoes across the Blue Ridge, Antholoy published by Netwest this past year. She has experience in teaching and is a lovely person. I urge anyone who is interested in writing and can come to the John C. Campbell Folk School in January, to contact them and register for this class. Local writers in certain counties in Georgia and N. Carolina have the possibility of one half tuition.

Come get inspired. Through music and other arts, we'll stir the creative juices. We might listen to Beethoven or Elvis, look at paintings by Monet or Finster, read literary masters or contemporary writers - all to generate i...deas for our poems, fiction, or essays. You'll receive editing tips and one-on-one critiques to make your work stronger and more readable. Open to anyone who needs inspiration and help perfecting the art of writing.

John C. Campbell Folk School