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Monday, June 21, 2010


To the members of NetWest who participated in the Candy Fund Book Fair in Asheville on May 15:

On behalf of the Candy Maier Scholarship Fund for Women Writers Board, we want to thank all of you who came from points west--from Waynesville and Murphy and Hiawasee--for this "first as far as we know" book fair featuring local and self-published authors. It was a long way to come for an uncertain outcome; it was a hot day and a crowded venue and your sales may not have been great. We hope, though, that visiting with your fellow writers and meeting new friends helped compensate for your time and effort.

For the Candy Fund, the event was a success. In addition to just plain enjoying seeing so many writers assembled and talking books and publishing, financially the Candy Fund can now award many scholarships in support of women taking courses, classes, workshop involving shared writing experiences.

If you know of any women who might hesitate at the brink of a class or course because of its cost, please refer them to the Candy Fund at
We want to help and the book fair assisted in our doing so. Thank you. Celia Miles (Treasurer) for the Candy Fund Board:
Cheryl Dietrich, Chair; Gwendie Camp, JC Walkup, Martha McMullen, Jennifer Browning, Whitney George