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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MAIDEN RUN by Joan L. Cannon is published and available from book stores

My friend, Joan L. Cannon, who lives in Morganton, NC is the author of two novels, SETTLING and MAIDEN RUN. She tells me that Maiden Run which was first an E-book, has now been published in paper. As anyone who has written a novel knows, the writing is just the beginning of having your book reach the reading public.
Joan says on , Hilltop Notes,
When you love your story as it unfolds under your fingers, completing it feels like a mixed blessing. When you then wonder whether it will ever see the light of day, you can begin to regard it as a curse. Nobody who writes for publication will fail to understand what I mean.

When the Adams family is approached on an ordinary summer day in 1935 by a pair of representatives of a mining company about investigating the family farm for deposits of natural gas or oil, none of them suspect this will be the pivotal summer of their lives, as they strive to save the land and its heritage.

A second theme is that of the destruction of beauty in nature, of tradition and history in the name of "progress."

Filled with a cast of colorful characters surrounded by the beauty that is rural America, written with the engaging style of a natural storyteller, Maiden Run will call to your own story of roots that can't be pulled thoughtlessly from the ground, and the love between siblings.

Three members of the same family with three vastly different views of their places at Maiden Run and just as varied views on life, find themselves changed over thirty years. Each must find a way to continue without the home to which they have always been able to return.

You can find Cannon's book, MAIDEN RUN, and excerpts from the book on the website of the publisher, Write Words, Inc
ISBN 1-59431-801-8 Fiction / Women's Contemporary as well as on  It can be read on Kindle. Local book sellers can order it.