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Friday, June 20, 2008

Jack Prather's Crime Novel has been accepted

We received this item from Jack Prather of Henderson County, NC.

The Day of The Knights is an epic psychological crime novel of 82,000 words. Book 1 is set in the Northern Italian Alps where a physically savaged boy evolves into a religious fanatic homophobic serial killer who deludes himself into becoming "The Black Knight" with a mission to be "God's Avenger" (whew!), first in Italy and then in the Bronx. A savant with a photographic memory, he is able to seamlessly become an Epicopalian deacon in service to his hated priest brother.

Book 2 introduces a noble inner-city American who becomes a star athlete, then a policeman shot in the line of duty, then a volunteeer firefighter, and lastly an investigative journalist on the killer's trail. Books 1 and 2 delve deeply into the families of the anti-hero and hero to unveil the whys of their development.

In Book 3, the main characters converge in parallel events on 9/11 at Christ Church in the Chelsea Section of NYC, with the protagonist going on to display remarkable heroism at Ground Zero.

The book has been accepted by the publisher of my book, Speaking Up in Poetry & Prose which came out in 2007. It consists of 50 pieces on issues on societal, religious, political and life topics important to 21st-century Americans. It is available at the Carl Sandburg National Historic Site in Flat Rock where my poem, Sandburg Homage, is on display.