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Monday, November 17, 2008


Publisher: PearlStone Publishing
Pub. Date: May 2008
ISBN-13: 9780981688305

Cullowhee, NC resident, Dr. Ben Eller, has written a novel set against the backdrop of 1890's England. This period is one of the most intriguing and contradictory eras of human history.

While that nation's scholars produced and impressed all humankind with their literature, art and music twenty thousand abandoned homeless children roamed their nation's capitol. Ten thousand more toiled fourteen-hour days in wretched factories. Seven hundred of one thousand poor children died before the age of five.

Holmes confronts the exploitation, enslavement and murder of children in an underworld of perverse corruption that extends from unimaginable working conditions in factories to flesh merchants of the Middle East to the highest levels of English government.

Holmes is driven to the edge of madness as he examines the desperate lives of factory children attempting to survive a web of corrupt politicians, factory owners and an indifferent society.

Ben Eller's professional career has been primarily in academia as an Associate Professor of Psychology at East Tennessee State University and Professor/Program Chair (Professor Emeritus), Educational Technology at the University of Alabama. He earned a Bachelor's in Mathematics from Milligan College and MS and doctorate in Educational Psychology from the University of Tennessee. He worked with the Atomic Energy Commission in Oak Ridge, Tennessee while attending graduate school.

Ben, a member of NCWN, therefore, Netwest, has published in the areas of child abuse, autism, disruptive children and adolescents, and ecucational technology. He published a textbook with Wadsworth Publishing and has written two novels, The Children of Sherlock Holmes, (historical ficiton) and The Cleansing (science fiction) and two movie scripts.

He has two children, a daughter Elizabeth and a son Todd. His hobbies include running, tennis, biking, frequent trips to Vegas and of course his love of writing.

The Children of Sherlock Holmes is available on and from
Dr. Ben Eller is available for book signings and readings. Contact him at:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Betty Cloer Wallace's Tuckaseegee Chronicles

After a failed uprising against England in 1745, Scots Highlander exiles
emigrate to America where they operate a trading post and packhorse enterprise among Cherokee Indians. As Mairy MacNeill comes of age, she learns that the Cherokee are not unlike Scottish clans both culturally and spiritually, that war between the Cherokee and English is inevitable, that friendship and loyalty can cross cultural boundaries, and that loving a man, either trader's son Joe Buck Cheatham or Cherokee warrior Otter, can be elusive.
Mairy's Cherokee friends Redwing and Standing Wolf find each other, but
realize that unscrupulous traders and settlers coming into their homeland bring conflict that will forever change their lives and the future of the Cherokee Nation.
Set in the heart of America's first frontier during the early years of the
French and Indian War, TUCKASEEGEE is carefully researched for historical and cultural accuracy.

Betty Cloer Wallace is Macon County Representative for NCWN West.

CHRONICLES - Amazon book page and excerpt (free download of first three chapters) may be accessed at ....... Author's Amazon profile and blog may be accessed at ....... Author's e-mail: