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Friday, March 1, 2013

Bob Grove and his Website and Memoir

Netwest member and facilitator of the NCWN West Prose Group, Bob Grove has kept his website, a secret. He says he is not good at self-promotion. Why do I hear that from so many writers?

Although Bob Grove is well-known around the world and in his own back yard in western NC, his writing has not been highly visible in the literary world of NC. 

A few years ago Bob and his lovely wife, Judy, visited Coffee with the Poets at Phillips and Lloyd Bookstore in Hayesville, NC. I don't remember if he read that day at open mic, but soon he was a regular  at the monthly meetings. 

He had begun to dabble in poetry, but his focus was prose. His stories about his life, his memoir, were enjoyed by all of us. Now Bob has completed his book, and you can find excerpts on his website. One thing you will soon find out is that Bob was a mischievous child and a prankster. He was a dare devil as well. 

His life stories are fun to read and hear him read. And boy, does he have a wealth of stories. 

When you visit you can learn about his other interests. He often serves as an auctioneer, and I really enjoyed the pages about things that sell and don't sell, what is an antique and what is not. 

I am glad I stumbled on his website and found out he is selling his book. Visit and come back here and let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did.