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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Second Place winner of the Netwest Environmental Contest

Peg Russell of Murphy, NC is the second place winner of the Netwest Environmental contest.


Think of a forest,
Not a foreboding evergreen forest past decaying cabins, but
Light green leafed hardwoods so tall they could be masts for ocean sailors.
Think of a vaulted cathedral forest
So thick with trees there is only filtered sunlight,

No sunny meadow or grasses.
Think of boulders,
Boulders big and strong enough to hold back a glacier
Yet an ideal place to sit and listen

for deer
for a small bubbling stream
or a wild turkey to come by,
so cool you put on a mid-June jacket.

Think of a forest floor
So piled with leaves that it's clean to walk in,
With a scattering of brave hardwood seedlings,
a few hardy ferns,
three holly bushes.

Think of forest beauty worthy
of being preserved for a nation.
Eden's address is Ebenezer Road, Murphy.

Peg and Mike live in a Hanging Dog area log cabin. She compiled a history of Murphy Presbyterian Church, is active in Murphy Library Writers Workshop and Richard Argo's NetWest Prose critique group. She will teach an OASIS mythology class in September and will read at the John C. Campbell Folk School November 19.