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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jerry Hobbs on romance in the garden

A Story of Romance
by Jerry Hobbs

Though poetry is the true language of love, a romantic story can be successfully written in prose if certain rules are followed. For example:
The timeline and location should be clearly defined.
Introduce the protagonists.
Establish a valid reason for interaction.
Create tension, then resolution.
Use a device such as drama to launch emotion.
The emotion should nurture and build over a respectable period of time.
Closure should include a happy ending.

The Artichoke Affair – A Poetic Story of Romance – Written in Prose

It was spring.
The day was late.
The market was ready to close.
One artichoke remained.
He reached.
She reached.
Their hands touched.
Their eyes met.
They smiled.
They spoke.
A salad was shared.
A kiss was shared.
Love blossomed.
Summer arrived.
They wed.
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