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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Netwest Member, Mary Jo Dyre, named to Board of Candy Maier Scholarship Fund

Candy Maier Scholarship Fund for Women Writers
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Candy Maier Scholarship Fund for Women Writers?
“The Candy Fund” is a non-profit organization, a project of the Western Carolina Coalition for Social Concerns (WCCSC). It provides scholarships to women twenty-one and older who are applying to attend conferences, classes, workshops, retreats, and other programs offering shared writing experiences. Women must be residents of Western North Carolina or Upstate South Carolina and must be applying for a program offered by a WNC-based agency or one held in WNC.
How large a scholarship does The Candy Fund provide?
The Candy Fund will pay up to $250 or 50% of a program’s cost, whichever is less. Recipients can apply for multiple scholarships but cannot receive more than a total of $500 from The Candy Fund.
How can I donate to The Candy Fund?
Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible. Make checks payable to WCCSC, with “The Candy Fund” written on the “For” line. Send donations to:Candy Maier Scholarship Fund for Women Writers27 Maple DriveAsheville NC 28805
How do I get more information about The Candy Fund?

This group has provided scholarships to women for Netwest workshops, for NCWN Conferences, and other writing events in Western North Carolina. Think of them when you need financial help to attend an event, and especially when you want to donate to a worthy organization where you know your money goes to someone who puts it to good use. An excellent article in WNC Magazine quotes some of us who had the benefit of a Candy Fund Scholarship. Mary Jo Dyre, writer, of Murphy, NC will be a fine addition to the working Board of the Candy Fund.