A Day for Writers 2019 - Presenters and Registration form

Sylva, NC, August 24, 2019,

C. Hope Clark, Joseph Bathanti, David Joy, Karen Holmes, Carol Crawford, Pat Vestal, Katie Winkler, Meagan Lucas

9:00 - 4:30, fee includes lunch, coffee, drinks and pastries
Copy registration form and mail with fee to PO Box 843, Hayesville, NC 28904

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Blue Ridge Bookfest 2016 featured author Sara Gruen; you can watch her interview with Bill Ramsy, here.

Sara Gruen is the #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of At the Water’s Edge, Water for Elephants, Ape House, Riding Lessons, and Flying Changes. Her works have been translated into forty-three languages, and have sold more than ten million copies worldwide. Water for Elephants was adapted into a major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon, Rob Pattinson, and Christoph Waltz in 2011.

She lives in Western North Carolina with her husband and three sons, along with their dogs, cats, horses, birds, and the world’s fussiest goat.

Sara was the featured author at the 2016 Blue Ridge Bookfest. You can watch her video where she was interviewed by Bill Ramsey, who is on the board of North Carolina Writers' Network, here:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Coffee with the Poets & Writers features Karen Paul Holmes & Bill Ramsey, Wed. June 15, 2016, 10:00 AM, at the Moss Memorial Library, Hayesville, NC

Karen Paul Holmes splits her time between Atlanta and the Blue Ridge Mountains, and her two Welsh Terriers do too. With an MA in music history from the University of Michigan, she eventually made her way to the warm south and became Vice President-Marketing Communications at ING, a global financial services company.

Karen now leads a kinder gentler life as a freelance writer and poet. She finds joy participating in poetry readings and supporting poetry through the Side Door Poets group she founded/hosts in Atlanta and the Writers’ Night Out she founded/hosts in Blairsville, GA (second Saturday of the month at the Union County Community Center).

A member of the North Carolina Writers' Network, the Atlanta Writers Club, and the Georgia Poetry Society, she has studied with poets Thomas Lux, Dorianne Laux, Joseph Millar, William Wright, Carol Ann Duffy, and Nancy Simpson (whom she counts as her first poetry mentor).

Karen has a full-length poetry collection, Untying the Knot, forthcoming from Kelsay Books (California).
Her poetry credits include Poetry East, Atlanta Review, Main Street Rag, Caesura, and The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review. Poems have also appeared in anthologies such as American Society: What Poets See (FutureCycle Press), and The Southern Poetry Anthology Vol 5: Georgia (Texas Review Press).

In 2012, Karen received an Elizabeth George Foundation emerging writer grant for poetry. She has taught writing at national business conferences, at ICL through Young Harris College, and at the John C. Campbell Folk School.

Karen's Poetry on Facebook
Karen's website: Simply Communicated, Inc.

Bill Ramsey: Says, "writing is never easy but it helps when you have done it all your life." In his high school years, Bill Ramsey wrote sports columns for the local newspaper. During his forty year professional career, he wrote advertising copy, technical manuals, magazine articles and business newsletters.

Now seventy one years of age, his small town upbringing continues to influence his thinking. Like many older citizens, Bill enjoys reflecting on life experiences and being free to share his thinking in complete candor. This has served as a bridge into retirement from writing for pay to writing as play.

With three books published, he has two more in the development stage. A strong supporter literacy and literature, he is involved with readers and writers in the mountains of western North Carolina where he lives with his wife of forty eight years. Bill is a member of the North Carolina Writers' Network-West, and is on the board of the North Carolina Writers' Network.

Learn more about Bill and his books at his websites:


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bill Ramsey's new book, What Do You Think?, now available!

Bill Ramsey’s new book, What Do YOU Think? is available today from Amazon in paperback, and on Kindle e-books. Be sure and click on the “LOOK INSIDE” tab just above the cover to read the table of contents and several sample essays.

This is Ramsey’s second book of concise and original essays. The first was his 2013 collection: Now That I Think About It.

In his career, Bill Ramsey wrote technical manuals, magazine articles and business newsletters. Now retired, he enjoys writing about "life and the way real people choose to live it."

Bill is on the board of directors of the North Carolina Writers Network and the Blue Ridge Community College. He is a founder of the Blue Ridge Bookfest, celebrating its 8th year in April, 2016.

You can find Bill's books, and his blog at:

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ellen Schofield will be missed as Program Coordinator

We are all sorry that our Program Coordinator resigned, but happy that she accomplished so much in the year that she served.
From the beginning, Ellen Schofield reached out to our entire Netwest region, the nine counties of NC and the counties in bordering states. She had to get on a fast track to learn the ropes and meet the members. Being a person who is well organized herself, she organized and set up a website and streamlined our blog and other features. The membership page she created for us is the only online presence some of our members can claim.

In May, a short time after Ellen came on board, we held the first Netwest Conference since 2006 with a large attendance, good faculty and fellowship for writers from all over western NC and north Georgia. By using the funds accumulated in our Netwest treasury, Ellen set the registration fees well within reach of our members. By holding the conference in the beautiful Sylva Library, for free, the event drew members from the north end of the region, Henderson County, to the far south, Cherokee County in NC and Fannin, County in Georgia.

Karen Paul Holmes who facilitates Writers’ Night Out in Blairsville, GA said, “Ellen jumped right in with two feet and was dedicated to the job. She was always pleasant to work with on matters regarding Writers' Night Out and fully supported my choice of a new venue. She also knew the importance of good communication, both in general announcements to the full membership and also in quick responses to individual emails.”

Although Ellen was not well-known to many members when she accepted the PC position, she endeared herself to all she met and was open to helping writers in any way she could. Having served as Program Coordinator for two years, 2007, 2008, I know the job requires hours of time that the average member doesn't realize. Much of the job is done out of the public eye.

Bill Ramsey of Hendersonville said, “Writers can be contentious at times. Incidents of contention like the role of Netwest relative to the Network, the governor's naming of a new NC poet laureate and lesser skirmishes could have been real setbacks. Ellen is a peacemaker and some of that was needed during her term. We need more peacemakers.”

Along these same lines, Bob Grove said, “Ellen has had a positive influence on maintaining a complementary relationship between Netwest and the Ridgeline Literary Alliance. Her openness in dialog, warmth toward fellow writers, and follow-through with the challenges and responsibilities of her position set an example that will be hard to replace. Ellen will be missed.”

I asked Ellen what she enjoyed about being Program Coordinator for NCWN West and she said, “I appreciated the trust placed in me, and I particularly enjoyed traveling and meeting many of the members. Writers are always interesting people, and I made many good friends in my short tenure.”

When asked the reason for her resignation, Ellen responded, “My job description called for me to spend 10-12 hours per month for a compensation of $200, which seemed appropriate. However, I quickly realized that I could just barely cover the minimum responsibilities of the PC job in that amount of time. I came to believe that in order to be fully engaged, and effective, a Program Coordinator needs 10-12 hours per week - at a minimum. Unfortunately, my circumstances do not allow me to do the job as it is now without more compensation, and my work ethic does not allow me to do the minimum.”

Ellen said she hoped that until a new Program Coordinator, who has the same dedication as those who came before her who asked for little or no compensation, can be found, her hope is that the NetWest members will see themselves as members of an influential state-wide organization and follow the lead of its capable Executive Director, Ed Southern. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

One Year Anniversary

Congratulations to Lana Hendershott and Patricia Vestal. They combined their creative talents and have grown the Open Mic night poetry and prose reading held at the Hendersonville Public Library held on the third Monday evening of each month at 5:30 PM. This month, almost forty people were inspired and entertained by about 15 writers who gave brief readings of their work. The public is invited to join the fun. We thank Lana and Pat for the effort they made to make this work. 

To tell a friend about the Open Mic, click here.

Sent to us by Bill Ramsey, co-author of Me Now, Who Next, who was featured at the recent Blue Ridge Bookfest.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Me Now - Who Next, the inspiring story of Angela Leigh Tucker's recovery from a traumatic brain injury is now available in audio, here

Scott R. Pollak is the professional narrator whose voice brings the book alive. Notice that you can hear a sample of his reading after opening the link. Bill and Angela were inspired to offer the book in audio because so many who have suffered traumatic brain injuries or strokes can find reading a printed book difficult or even impossible.

On July 31, 2008, Angela and her husband were in an auto accident that left her a young widow. She continues to amaze all who know her with her recovery success. The work she put into recovering is ongoing and lots of support is still being provided by doctors, therapists, family and friends. She was just elected President of New York City chapter of the Brain Injury Association of New York YC and also to the Board of the BIA of the state of New York. 

See her in action on her website, www.AngelaLeighTucker.com and click on "talks" for videos.

From Bill Ramsey, who blogs at:  

For information about his books:  www.LifesWrite.com

Friday, May 30, 2014

Meet Angela In a 28 Minute Video

Angela Leigh Tucker is the inspiring person whose recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury was the subject of Bill Ramsey's new book, "Me Now - Who Next?"

She is almost six years along and still making progress as this video will demonstrate: http://youtu.be/9EwgdcsP4bY. 

Bill invites you to invest 28 minutes in order to meet her and to better understand how brain injuries change lives. For those wishing to know still more, the book is available on all e-readers and in paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com. The audio book, read by the talented professional voice of Scott Pollak, will be available soon. If you have never tried an audio book, consider starting with this one. Hearing Scott and Angela read it will take the story to the next level for you. Audio books can be enjoyed on your computer or any other device used to deliver entertainment. Amazon, Audible and iTunes will be offering it.

Bill has often said that Angela changed his life and she can do the same for you. Her determined fight to recover proves that there is always hope.

For information about his books: www.LifesWrite.com

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Those Who Do Not Read Books

NCWN/NetWest member Bill Ramsey (www.LifesWrite.com) sent us this observation "In recent conversations with young adults, thirty somethings, the subject of books came up. Perhaps I should not have been surprised when they told me they "never read books." 

While "too busy" was offered as an excuse, there is something else at work here. 

Enjoying reading is difficult for those who rarely do it. They can read the words but miss the message. Do we, as writers, need to speak to this growing situation in the young adult population? If yes, how can we do so?"

Do you have any suggestions? We'd love to get your comments.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Favorite Authors "Know" Me

By Bill Ramsey

As a reader, after completing a novel or a collection of poems, I am often left feeling that the book's author "knows" me. Oh, I don't mean that we are personally acquainted. It just seems that the book must have been written about me because it so accurately describes my life. 

When that happens, I ask myself if the author may have been reading my mail or even my mind. Was there a camera hidden in my home? Were my friends and family talking too loudly about me in a public place. What else could explain it? 

Then it came to me. Authors are people too, ordinary people with a finely developed and special skill. They observe, understand, and are able to describe real life in the printed word. They are honest and open, willing to make themselves vulnerable. As a reader, I appreciate what they write - even when it strikes so close to home.

Friday, December 27, 2013

An Observation From Bill Ramsey

We recently received this observation from Bill, with a request to post it: "Maybe it is just the anticipation that a new year brings, but it does seem that the writers in NetWest are increasingly energized these days. There are more opportunities to communicate and to meet. This is important because we all know that the act of writing can feel desperately lonely sometimes. Thanks to Ellen and others for providing the spark needed to get us all fired up."

Bill is the author of three books. You can read more about him here.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A word about editing from Bill Ramsey

A recent conversation with a forty year veteran of independent book store
ownership focused upon the difference between books from publishers versus
those from  self-published authors.
 I started the conversation by telling
him that I was trying to force myself to finish reading a new book about our
thirtieth president, Calvin Coolidge. The book was written by a
well-regarded author of history and published by a well-recognized name in
the publishing business.

This book appears to have had no real editing. Spelling and punctuation
mistakes were not the issue. However, long and awkward sentences made the
reading a chore. Inclusion of historic facts that had nothing to do with
Coolidge made the book 500 pages instead of the 300 pages that would have
given it focus and pace.

Narrow Gap Now

My book seller friend observed that the wide gap between high quality
self-published books and books from publishers has grown narrow. Even major
publishers are not providing the quality of editing they once did.

Let the writer beware. Using a publisher does not assure that quality
editing is going to be a part of the package. Of course, if the writer
decides to self-publish, the writer must pay for a quality editing. Editing
really makes a difference in the reading experience. We should not let our
hard work be hurt by failing to get a proper editing.

Bill Ramsey 
Bill heads up the Blue Ridge Bookfest in Henderson County, NC at Flat Rock Community College. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blue Ridge Bookfest May 18 - 19 Flat Rock,NC

Bill Ramsey wants to remind you all that the Blue Ridge Bookfest will have lots of authors, books and interesting presentations for the two day event.

The 2012 Honoree, Elizabeth Kostova will be feted at 6:30 on Friday evening, May 18th, immediately after the Bookfest's opening reception. Rob Neufeld will emcee a discussion with Kostova about her novels and experiences as a writer at that time.
I really enjoyed Rob's interview with the honored author at last year's bookfest. He does a great job and he even went out into the audience to get questions from those who raised their hands.

Readers who can't make it to these events on Friday are encouraged to attend a second talk by Ms. Kostova on Saturday, May 19th, afternoon at 1:00 PM. Both her vivid prose and her ties to the area make this a do not miss event.

During the two day event, over forty authors will be making presentations, meeting attendees, and autographing books. Mark your calendars and come join us for this wonderful weekend devoted to the art of writing and the joy of reading.

If you can make to to Flat Rock Community College near Hendersonville, NC, be sure to take advantage of this event.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Workshops starting at 1:30 PM

Honoree's Address by Elizabeth Kostova at 6:30 PM

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Doors open at 8:00 AM

Author Presentations (8:45 AM - 3:00 PM)

Blue Ridge Conference Hall

Blue Ridge Community College Campus

Flat Rock, NC

Visit the website for driving directions.


Contact Bill Ramsey with questions.l

Bill Ramsey
2012 Bookfest Chair