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Friday, June 4, 2010


(Blue Bottle in my kitchen window)
Lia Waldrum is a 5th grader at Cullowhee Valley School. The title of her poem asks, "What Is Blue?" She answers with a run of images that are a delight to read and visualize. Any of these lines could be the first line of a new poem, don't you think?
Blue is the sky on a winter evening.
Blue is a cut of sapphire sparkling on a ring.
Blue is slow and tired.
Blue is the ocean where the turtle glides.
Blue is the night, bright with glittery stars.
Blue is a mountain peeking up at the sky.
Blue is the little butterflies that flutter in the Spring.
Blue is a marker sliding silently on the board.
Blue is a leather belt.
Blue is a beautiful bead on an Indian vest.
Blue is a pair of jeans, cozy and worn.
Blue is a Spring nightgown.
Blue is a child's stuffed animal.
Blue is the wild wind whipping around the house.
Blue are the little curtains in the parlor.
Blue are the shutters on a window.
Blue is an icicle--drip, drip, dripping.
Blue is a tasty blueberry.
Blue is a humpback whale, yawning in the deep.
Blue is the sugar icing on a cake.
Blue is the wrapping on a birthday present.
Blue is paint on a wall.
Blue is a blank TV screen.
Blue is nail polish.
Blue is holding your breath too long.
Blue is a stained glass picture.
Blue are the lines on notebook paper.
Blue is a pioneer bonnet.
Blue is a carefully knitted scarf.
Blue is a sucker.
And blue is a parakeet.
by Lia Waldrum
5th Grade
Cullowhee Valley School
Lia's parents are Joe and Nelia Waldrum in Sylva, North Carolina.