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Sunday, January 4, 2009

all’s relative

as i sat in a smoke-sated room
pecking out cold-coffee prose
wrenched from 66 re-births
of dog-eared trials & jubilations
low & be-hold
jehovah’s chosen-witness
came rapping-tapping at my door

inches beyond
the tightly-locked screen
his swivel-neck craning
high on rarified airs
he-droned on & on
of how his personal save-your
bid him in-ter my door’s yell-owed pain

at first i--small-i pondered ways
to swat this bee ear-buzzing counsel
to one whose glazed-dazed eyes
he just-knew betrayed fallow seed

having tripped some king-domes
where deep-seated junkies fly
no-way could i--small-i
condemn his joyful drug-of-choice

so sweetly sweetly
(as an old moon-crone will)
i re-leased him still-smiling
his faith in full-flight
confidant the deity
would answer all of his-prayers
& dark-ilks would never crush
his lust for truth-&-right for-me...
other cravings beck-on
be-still my-will be-still


written 12-13-08--blame it on the full moon--

Thought it might be a good/fun time to post some dyslexic poetry.

Wishing you all a Great 2009!!!