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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Love Poem for Valentine's Day


By Nancy Purcell

Somehow I need to find a way to tell you
of the unfolding of myself since you are with me.
There always was a wellspring of love,
but it had to be hidden: life hurt.
Like a walled garden no one could see,
you found my heart and climbed inside.
I’m not sure how, but by some feat of magic,
you moved away yesterday, showing me tomorrow.
What key were you given no other ever used?
Or was it in the lock and no one ever turned it?
You’ve torn out weeds with simple words and touches,
making me free-flying but vulnerable.
Will you remove the wall and nurture the garden?
Or is the wall the challenge and the space only for leasing?
The last stones to be cleared are buried deep, buried yesterday.
If you clear them, you are honor-bound to stay.
Think carefully, for no chains will hold you fast.
But should you leave this garden,
Please close the door and take the key.
No one should ever walk in here but you.

NANCY PURCELL, North Carolina Writers' Network West Representative for Transylvania County, (828)862-8117;

Nancy studied Creative Writing at Florida Atlantic University, served as a North Carolina Writers Network/Elizabeth Squire Daniels Writer-in-Residence, Peace College, Raleigh, NC, under the guidance of Doris Betts, and she teaches Creative Writing in the Brevard College Community Education program.

Her latest undertaking is Quick Coaching; motivating writers and those who wish to write through the use of prompt and various motivational techniques.
Publications: RiverSedge, The MacGuffin, Pangolin Papers, Troika, LongStoryShort, The Square Table, among others, including two anthologies. Her stories have been read on the "Writers' Radio Show" out of Chattanooga, TN.
Nancy is retired from a career in Marketing and Sales. She spends her days in the office writing and in the garden, relaxing and hoping her writing seeds will germinate. She holds a membership in the North Carolina Writers' Network and in PWA.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

The robins returned today.
Their voices filled the hills
and lifted my heart.

I spied with my binoculars
on these strange cupids
wearing scissor-tailed coats.

The robins returned today.
They covered my lawn
with a bronze blanket.

The sentinels strutted through
snowflakes spearing worms
with their arrow beaks.

The robins returned today.
Their songs lifted my heart
and brought a message of hope.
by: Brenda Kay Ledford