To Become a Member of NCWN West

To become a member of NCWN-West (Netwest) you must live in one of the nine counties in NC that are in the Netwest region or in the bordering counties of South Carolina, Georgia and East Tennessee and you must join North Carolina Writers' Network, the state organization.
No additional dues are required to join NCWN West.

Simply contact NCWN, or by phone, 336-293-8844. You may join online or print out the form and mail it in.
Your membership in the North Carolina Writers' Network will be processed within 2 business days ("business days" do not include weekends and holidays). You will receive an e-mail with instructions for logging in to the members-only portions of the Web site. If you do not receive this e-mail within 2 business days, please call the Network at 336.293.8844.
Dues for adults - $75.00 per year
Senior adults and students - $55.00