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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Sam Uhl to be Featured Reader at Mountain Wordsmiths

Sam Uhl, memoirist and owner of The Cheerful Word, will be the guest reader for Mountain Wordsmiths on Thursday morning, August 26, at 10:30.

This event, sponsored by North Carolina Writers’ Network-West, is being held via Zoom because of COVID concerns. We hope to meet again in person in the months ahead; however, we are happy that not only local writers are attending our meetings but writers outside our state are also joining us.

Sam Uhl

Uhl helps people write their memoirs through ghostwriting, book coaching, retreats, workshops, manuscript editing, and book printing. She believes that everyone’s life is a story worth telling.

Born to older parents, she grew up at the feet of elders. Their friendly and patient storytelling kindled her lifelong passion for helping others preserve their life stories. Everyday people have extraordinary stories if one asks them the right questions. She discovered that universal truths are the stuff of great stories—love, survival, overcoming adversity, inspiration, adventure, and honor. It is her mission to give voice to the lives of everyday people, honoring and encouraging them today and helping them leave a legacy of inspiration for generations to come.

Sam has published more than 100 memoirs including limited printings for families and Amazon Bestsellers. Her passion for helping people explore and share their stories is most evident in her workshops, classes, and retreats. Through colleges, community organizations, and even the USO, Sam helps people find their voice and tell their truth to honor who they have become through life’s twists and turns and determine who they want to be for their remaining tomorrows.

Sam is a Birren Institute Certified Guided Autobiographical Instructor and is the author of How to Survive Dying: A Journal of Hope for Family Caregivers.

Mountain Wordsmiths meets on the fourth Thursday of each month
. We welcome those who were regulars at Coffee with the Poets and Writers, a monthly meeting held at Moss Memorial Library in Hayesville, NC prior to COVID-19 restrictions.

Those wishing to attend Mountain Wordsmiths may contact Carroll Taylor at vibiaperpetua@gmail.com to receive the Zoom link. 

Anyone who wishes to participate in Open Mic may sign up upon entering the meeting, and we welcome those who would simply like to listen to the beauty of wordsmithing.

Carroll S. Taylor, facilitator of Mountain Wordsmiths
lives in Hiawassee, GA and is an active member of NCWN-West

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  1. Mountain Wordsmiths was very interesting today. Good guest reader and Open Mic. Discussion was also good. I like the way Carroll encourages us to ask questions and interact. We had a good sized group today.


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