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Nancy Purcell

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Congrats, Maren Mitchell

 Poet, Maren Mitchell is published in Cider Press Review, Volume 23, Issue 3. 

Read about her and read two of her poems here.



  1. That's a beauty, Maren! if only all those fears and guilts and pains WOULD go off on their own and find life-changing experiences.

    For those of you trying to get into CPR's August issue online, some of the links from the site are still a bit wonky and cycle you back into the same page. The actual August issue is linked here: https://ciderpressreview.com/archive/cpr-volume-23-3/#.YR-eDN8pDIU

  2. Wonderful poems in a journal I admire! Congrats, Maren!


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