Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Robert S. King's New Poetry Book Forthcoming

I am pleased to announce that just this month I signed a contract with Sweatshoppe Publications, a new and very hard-working publisher. They have scheduled my book of poetry, One Man’s Profit, for publication by the end of February 2013. More information is available at the publisher's website.  An order link is forthcoming.

One Man’s Profit is my sixth collection of poetry and contains poems written during the past two years. The manuscript went through many revisions and versions. I wish to thank several folks who read and/or commented on the book, helping me to get it into shape. My appeciation goes to Nancy Simpson, Diane Kistner, Scott Owens, David Chorlton, and Joanne Lowery for their input.

Obviously, a poet must promote his work, so I have already scheduled six reading events and will post those dates on my website's calendar in the near future.

When the book is available for sale, I hope you will support this new publisher and this old poet.


  1. Robert, congratulations on your book's publication. Once again we get a chance to savor your poetry in our very own copy.

  2. Robert,
    Congratulations upon the publication of you new book. This is great news for the New Year!


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