Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FutureCycle Press Calls for Submissions

FutureCycle Press is always open to submissions of books or chapbooks. Additionally, the press has ongoing needs for its thematic and general anthologies. For all types of submissions, please read the general guidelines first. The general guidelines contain links to more specific information for the genre of work submitted.

Books and Chapbooks

The press seeks both poetry and flash fiction collections. Please note that there is a $15 reading fee for each book you submit. For poetry, the press offers an annual cash award to the author selected for the FutureCycle Press Poetry Book Prize. The amount of the award varies from year to year and is based on a percentage of annual profits. The winner is chosen by the previous year’s winner and by the editors of FutureCycle Press.


FutureCycle Press publishes thematic anthologies as interest and demand dictate. The most recently published anthology is American Society: What Poets See, edited by Robert S. King and David Chorlton. Since 2007 the press has also released an annual, unthemed anthology whose title is based on the year released (e.g., FutureCycle 2011, FutureCycle 2012, etc.). This year, 2012, will be the last unthemed anthology published.

Following are anthology projects currently seeking submissions:

Malala. Edited by Joseph Hutchison and Andrea Watson. Honoring Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was shot because she wanted an education. Profits from sales of this anthology will be donated to an appropriate charity. Click here for guidelines or to submit.

FutureCycle 2012. Edited by David Chorlton and Robert S. King. A collection of individual poems and flash fiction pieces submitted to FutureCycle Press during the year 2012. This will be the last issue of this unthemed anthology. You still have time to submit. Deadline is December 31, 2012. Please read the general guidelines at the link shown above.

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