Sunday, May 31, 2009

Celebrate Nancy Simpson

Nancy Simpson celebrates her 100th post on her blog, Living Above the Frost Line. Look at the photo on her page today of some Netwest members back in 1998 when we soaked up Nancy's gifts in her classes at Tri-County Community College. Can you name those writers?


  1. I enjoy the postings, and I have joined your esteemed network!

  2. Glenda, Thank you for celebrating with me. You're the one who got me started blogging. Thanks. Today I posted number 101 and early in June I will begin the month long June feature of Poetry by Clarence Newton.

    I do wish someone would name the four women in the photo you mentioned. All were students in the same class and all now are book authors.

  3. I enjoy your blog so much, Nancy. It is a treat for mind and vision--worthy of 101 celebrations. Glenda's dedication and encouragement is inspiration for many of us.


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