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Monday, February 29, 2016

Writers' Night Out 2016 Schedule - Blairsville, Georgia

Mark your calendars now for a stellar line-up...

Writers' Night Out is about to begin it's 6th year. Some readers may be added, but here are the dates and featured writers so far. And remember... there's always an open mic.
Union County Community Center, Blairsville
  • April 8: Rupert Fike & Janice Townley Moore
  • May 13: Carol Crawford
  • June 10: Jonathan Kevin Rice (will teach the next day at Writers Circle) & Ronald Moran
  • July 8: Rosemary Royston & Karen Paul Holmes
  • August 12: Ginger Murchison & Lynn Alexander
  • Sept 9: Jim May
  • Nov 11 Christopher Martin& Staci Bell

The Union County Community Center in the heart of Blairsville has once again agreed to be our gracious host. They let us use the facility for free, with no minimum requirement on food purchases, which is an amazing benefit to NCWN-West and the area writers and audience.

Watch this blog for more information about the April 8 reading. Rupert and Janice are Writers' Night favorites.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Who are the writers you need to see read live?

I read an article on 50 Writers You Need to See Read Live and it made me think about all our Netwest writers. How many of us take time to work on our readings so they will entertain our audience and keep them wanting to hear more? How many of us say the work must stand on its on and we don't worry about the presentation?

I noticed in the article that almost every single person listed used humor in his/her presentation. Does that mean we can't read about serious subjects? I don't think so.

Read the original article and see what the author thinks makes a good reader.

Netwest holds open mic and featured reader events in our region. Send us the names of those
you think do a very good job of reading their work.
We can help each other by telling what we enjoy from our writers and poets when they read.
Send your thoughts to me by Email:

Sunday, May 25, 2014


2014 updated schedule 

Second Wednesday of each month
10:30 a.m. Blue Mountain Restaurant in Peachtree near Murphy Medical Hospital and Tri-County College in Cherokee, County, NC. You might take home one of the door prizes offered each month. 
Stay for lunch when we pull the tables together and visit.

MARCH  12  Deanna Klingel

APRIL 9– Brenda Kay Ledford

MAY 14  -- Lucy Gratton and Joan Howard

JUNE 11Estelle Rice

JULY 9 -- Glenda Beall

AUGUST 13  -- Staci Bell and Linda Smith

SEPTEMBER 10 – Carole Thompson

OCTOBER 8 – Mary Mike Keller and Bob Grove

NOVEMBER 12 -- Karen Holmes – Paul Schofield

DECEMBER – open mic  and sign up for next year