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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why Should You Attend?

Why should I attend
A Day for Writers at the Jackson County Library, May 6?

  • To learn more about my craft from experienced and highly rated authors
  • To meet and talk with other writers in my field and increase my community of writer friends
  • To sell and sign my books with City Lights Books
  • To learn of other opportunities for me as an author
  • To enhance my brand as a writer and author
  • To learn more about publishing and marketing my books, my articles, my personal essays, my short stories and poetry
  • To meet leaders and members of NCWN-West from all over the southwest mountain region
  • To get answers to any questions I have about writing, publishing and marketing
  • To enjoy a day with like-minded people in a beautiful venue near my home
  • To attend, near me, a writing conference with unusually low fees provided by NCWN-West through hard work by volunteers who care about the literary community in the mountain area
  • To get inspired to go home and write more
We write alone, but need a community and NCWN-West is providing that for writers and poets in the far western part of North Carolina, North Georgia and western South Carolina. Because of the cost and time it takes to travel long distances for writing conferences in large cities, our goal is to bring in highly qualified authors and writers who can share their experiences and knowledge with us.

Such writing events are necessary to all writers who want their names, their books, to be recognized. Introduce yourself to the presenters, write them a note when you get home and let them know what you liked about their sessions. You will be building a community of people who will recognize you and your work. As writers we need to help each other in any way we can.