Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Short Story published in Bewildering Stories

News from Bob Brooks. Congratulations.

Dear Writers:
Good news from the ink-stained dungeon: my short story "A Blanket of Well and Woe" is in the current issue of Bewildering Stories, an ezine devoted to speculative fiction.  This story has only racked up four rejections before finding a home.  My thanks go to those of you who helped revise and frame the piece.

This tale that asks what you do if your benevolence, your good deed, puts you outside the law.  Dr. Padeema Sarey made his choice. 

I hope you enjoy and use the link at the bottom on the web site to leave any comments.


R.R. Brooks
Author: fantasy, mystery, thrillers
Justi the Gifted
The Clown Forest Murders

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