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You and the entire membership of Netwest have been an inspiration to me in my writing life. The group is a welcoming & encouraging gathering of like-people. Thank you for all you've done for others. It does not go unnoticed.
Nancy Purcell

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Macon County Rep to hold meeting at Cowee School

Brent Martin, representative for NCWN-West in Macon County, has set a date and time for the first meeting for writers in Macon County.

November 14th at 10AM, Cowee School in Macon County, NC.

Brent and Angela are moving their business office to Cowee School Arts and Heritage Center at this time.
As you know, Brent and his wife, Angela, own and manage Alarka Expeditions and have been extremely busy this summer. We have 14 members in Macon County from Highlands to Topton.

All writers in Macon County are invited to attend the November 14th meeting whether you are a member of NCWN or not. If you live in surrounding counties and need a writing group, come and see what the future holds for the Macon County writers sponsored by NCWN-West.

I know all of our members want to support Brent and his efforts to make a difference in the lives of writers in his area.  Contact Brent at alarkaexpeditions@gmail.com

Many thanks to all of our county reps in NCWN-West. Everyone does an excellent job. And good luck to Brent and the writers in Franklin and Macon County.

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  1. I heard this meeting went well and plans were made for another meeting in January. The best thing about NCWN-West meetings is that we don't have to elect officers or collect dues. Our meetings are all about writing, as it should be. Thanks to all who came to the meeting, and especially, thanks to Brent Martin for taking time to organize the meeting.


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