Saturday, November 3, 2018

Ledford Publishes Poetry Book

Brenda Kay Ledford's poetry book, "Red Plank House," has been published by Kelsay Books.

Evan Miller, senior editor of "Guideposts," endorsed Ledford's book.  Says Miller, "Reading these poems I couldn't help but feel as if I too had been transported to Shewbird Mountain, a place of majestic beauty.  I heartily recommend you take a visit there as well."

Additionally, Patricia Ann Mayorga, editor-in-chief of "Poet's Espresso Review," a publication of San Joaquin Delta College, endorsed Ledford's book.  Says Mayorga, "Brenda Kay Ledford has found her poetic voice in nature.  Her poetic verse embraces the doe or dance of sunflowers while celebrating the birth of a nation, as in "July," her songs of nature flow flawlessly in the music of poetry."

Lastly, Glenda C. Beall, NC Writer's Network-West Program Coordinator, and Director of Writer's Circle Around the Table, wrote a blurb for Ledford's book.  Says Beall, "These poems draw you into Appalachia.  You see wildflowers, gardens, children in homemade clothes, and hard-working people who kept the faith.  We feel present in the home where she grew up eating apple butter, dried stack cakes, and enjoying family.  This award-winning poet has delivered the best poetry book ever, "Red Plank House."

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  1. Congratulations, Brenda Kay. It is a lovely book and I know you are proud of it as you should be.


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