Sunday, June 3, 2018

Do you like mysteries? Do you like police mysteries?

A Meth dealer often has many enemies, so it's no surprise when one is found murdered in the cab of his pickup truck in a parking lot frequented by fishermen.  There are lots of potential suspects and motives galore, but, after all have been thoroughly examined, Roscoe Chief of Police Matt Davis finds himself at somewhat of a dead end - that is, until he encounters the Trentweilers.
Ron and Winona are a pair of Pentecostal preachers with cloudy pasts, who have made their way from Alabama, north along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains and into Matt's "backyard" in the Catskills.  To make things even more intriguing, they have lately begun to incorporate venomous snakes into their religious "act."  What secrets are this ex-convict and his spouse hiding in their respective closets? Is Brother Ron exactly what he appears to be?  Is he a religious convert or just a con man?   And what about Winona?  Who is she and where did she come from? These and other questions confront Chief of Police Matt Davis in Twice Bitten, as he once again comes face to face with murder in the sleepy village of Roscoe, NY.

Does this sound interesting to you? This is a description of a mystery novel, Twice Bitten, by Joe Perone, Jr.. He is one of the NCWN-Reps in Henderson County, NC. 

Joe worked as a sportswriter for the Passaic-Clifton, NJ, Herald News. He also worked as a freelance advertising copywriter. Joe has a passion for fly fishing and worked as a professional fly-fishing guide for ten years in the Catskill Mountains of New York. He has had several fly-fishing short stories published in the Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide. Combining both his work and his hobby produced a number of books that you can see on his blog or author website.

At least once a year, Joe heads back to his favorite fishing spot in the Catskills to fish his beloved Beaverkill, Willowemoc, and other trout streams; and he uses the time to recharge his batteries and conceive new plots for his books. Visit his Author Page to see his Matt Davis Mystery series and other books by this prolific writer.

Joe posts once a week on his Wordpress blog.

Joe is an author who does all the things needed to promote himself and his writing. He has an online presence with website, blog and author’s page on Amazon. When new writers ask me what they should do to advertise their books, I will send them to Joe Perone’s online addresses.

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