Thursday, May 3, 2018

Local Students receive awards for Simpson Beck Poetry and Songwriting Lyric Contest, April 23, 2018, Hayesville, NC

On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, Hayesville Middle and High Schools received awards for their entries in the Simpson Beck Poetry and Songwriting Lyric Contests. The Clay County Historical and Arts Council (CCHAC) and the North Carolina Writers’ Network-West (NCWN-West) gave awards. Joan Ellen Gage had spearheaded the effort representing NCWN-West, along with Carla Beck, English teacher at Hayesville High School, and Reba Beck, retired teacher from Hayesville High, and a member of the CCHAC.The event was Emceed by Carla and Reba Beck. Ms. Gage was unable to attend.

The Copper Door Restaurant, Brothers Willow Ranch Restaurant, Rib Country in Hayesville, Chevelle’s in Hayesville, and Bowl of Asia, donated NCWN-West’s awards for the judges.

Winners of the Middle School Contest for Poetry were: 1st place, Dierks Tolley, 2nd place,  Jasmine Scheuler, and 3rd place, Addison Bunch.

There were no entries for Songwriting Lyrics for the Middle school.

Winners of the High School Contest for Poetry were: 1st place, Piper Snowdon, 2nd place, Paula Murcia, and 3rd place, Isabella Rogers.

Winner of the High School Contest for Songwriting Lyrics was: 1st place, Emily Long.

Rosemary Rhodes Royston
Judges for the contests included author Rosemary Rhodes Royston, and musicians and songwriters Rob Tiger, Wyatt Espalin, and Brian Kruger, who were the song-writing lyric judges.. Royston read from her book, Splitting the Soil.

Rob Tiger
Wyatt Espalin

Brian Kruger

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  1. Many thanks to Joan Gage for all the work she puts into holding this contest for students. Thanks also to Carla Beck, teacher and to Reba Beck who, with Nancy Simpson created the poetry contest in Clay County schools. Thanks also to the judges for the song lyric contest and to Rosemary Royston for judging the poetry. Thanks also to the local businesses that donated for the prizes.


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