Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Poet Maren O. Mitchell has poems in the July 2017 publication of The Lake, in Slant, Summer 2017, in POEM, May 2017, and Comstock Review Spring/Summer 2017

Maren O. Mitchell's poem, "Outside In," is currently in the July issue of The Lake, an online English poetry journal. Her poem, "A Is an Article to Anchor," appears in SLANT, A Journal of Poetry, Summer 2017, and poems, "K, Lost Dog" and "I Want to Remember" appeared in POEM, May 2017. Forthcoming in Comstock Review, Spring/Summer 2017 is the poem, "D, The First Syllable."


  1. Congratulations, Maren upon publication of your poetry. I enjoy your work very much.

  2. Brenda, many thanks! I surely enjoyed your reading this spring at the John C. Campbell Folk School.


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