Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why Netwest? JC Walkup tells us.

 by JC Walkup
March 4, 2013
Competition. Among writers of NC Writers Network West members, there doesn’t seem to be any. Why do writers help their competitors? After twelve years in this group, I still can’t find an answer to that.
         Having trouble with an ending? There’s a writer who can help with that.
         Want to inject humor in a story too dark for its own good? There’s a writer who can help with that.
         Need to polish a novel to a blinding shine? There’s a writer/editor who can help with that.
         The magical thing about all of the above resources and more is that all those writers will do their best for you. True, a good editor costs a few bucks but those advertised in the blog and NCWN newsletters have proven value added to manuscripts.
         I challenge you to find another business where there is this much cooperation and support among those competing for the same recognition and dollars (as few of those there be). This phenomenon is like a warm blanket thrown over the shoulders of every shivering newcomer to the field.
Of course, as a writer or wannabe one, you have to put yourself out there. Risk? Yes, but not of failure. Never that. Pride can take a beating if yours is of the hubris variety. But honest, energetic efforts to learn the craft will always find support in this group.
JC Walkup

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  1. Yes, indeed! Writers supporting one another: That is why I joined Netwest. I perceived the members as helpful and not feeling threatened by one another. I dislike the closed societies of cliques and really appreciate the welcome mat that Netwest places at its open door.

    I try to be of help when asked, and I've found that others in the organization share that attitude.

    I have been in other organizations where cooperation seemed to be a four-letter word. I don't know why Netwest is different, except perhaps that we have a culture created and populated by genuine folks who are more interested in helping than in posing or excluding.

    Personally, I hate literary competition. When I hear others read, I don't compare my writing to theirs, except perhaps to learn something new. I haven't encountered anyone in Netwest who views others as competitors. Instead, I believe we view one another as friends.

  2. Indeed, Robert and JC.
    That is why I love our organization. Anytime I need someone, I know my writer friends are there for me whether I need help with something I'm writing, help with a class I'm teaching, even help with finding a projector for a meeting. We all support each other. I lived half my life somewhere else, and never found the loyalty and support I have found since joining NCWN West and meeting the good people who are members.Thank you, JC, for writing this post.


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