Friday, February 22, 2013


Brenda Kay Ledford’s poetry book, BECKONING, has been released by Finishing Line Press. Ledford compiled this collection to preserve the memory of her dog, Pepper.

It was the hardest decision Brenda ever made. How could she ask the veterinarian to put down her pet? Dr. Brian Kinsey said Pepper was terminally ill with cancer and would suffer horrendous pain if he lingered. The black Labrador Retriever would never recover.

Brenda felt like her heart ripped from her body when Pepper died. She cried for days after he passed away. Pepper had given 15 years of unconditional love.

How could she preserve his memory? Brenda prayed and felt led by the Spirit to write a book in the dog’s memory.

She wrote poetry about Pepper and the good times they had together. She included nature poems because he loved to hike mountain trails with Brenda and pick blackberries.

Finishing Line Press published BECKONING. A butterfly sipping nectar from a zinnia graces the cover. It’s a serene photo and assures us peace is possible in time of trouble.

According to Glenda Beall, director of Writer’s Circle, “Brenda Kay Ledford’s collection sings with color and harmony. She lets us take a peek into her world as she shares her Appalachian roots in verse. We relate to the constancy of seasons in nature and in our lives. Digging in the dirt as her mother does lifts the spirit, and decorating graves of loved ones on Memorial Day perpetuate the love of generations. Throughout the snow, the first greening of spring, summer’s roses, autumn’s harvest, and star-studded asters, the images in the book offer the reader the opportunity to feel, see, hear, and taste the beauty as well as the inevitable sadness of life.”

BECKONING is a book you must own. It’s a beautiful collection to share with nature and animal lovers.

BECKONING is available at Clay County Chamber of Commerce,, or


  1. My copy of her chapbook arrived in the mail today. I'm happy to have it . Congratulations Brenda Kay.

  2. I received my copy of Beckoning by Brenda Kay Ledford today and I love it. Although I read the raw manuscript early on, seeing the finished book is even more delightful. The photo of Brenda Kay on the back of the book is pretty with nature for a background. Barbara, Brenda Kay's sister, did a good job. Finishing Line Press does a good job with cover design also and this one is perfect for this book.
    Being a dog lover, I am touched that this book of poems is dedicated to Pepper, her beloved dog who passed away in 2011.The poems about him are especially poignant.


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