Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kudos to Deanna Klingel

Good news from Deanna Klingel: On Sunday at Canton Arts Festival in Canton, Georgia, Tracy Ruckman of Write Integrity Publishing, presented me with a contract for Cracks in the Ice.Today it is official. Cracks in the Ice, YA Fiction, is the story of the niece of a mafia boss whose dream of Olympic skating stardom is shattered by mafia war and by her own poor judgement. After spiraling into depression and alcoholism, God's love comes to her through those who still love her, and help her to find forgiveness, repentance, and a victory other than the gold she'd envisioned years earlier. The book will be out in the fall.


  1. Congratulations, Rosemary! I am so proud of you. This is super news.

  2. Deanna Klingel, congratulations! I look forward to seeing your book when you come to Hayesville in July for the Festival on the Square.

  3. Thank you. I look forward to seeing Netwest friends in Hayesville. Deanna


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