Friday, December 9, 2011

How One Woman Became a Best Selling Author

The Wall Street Journal article, How I Became A Best-Selling Writer , tells the story of one woman's rise to the top by self-publishing her novel as an e-book. She sold the book online for 99 cents.
Now she hopes the book will be picked up by a publisher and sold in print. Librarians want the book, but she has no book in print.
I found this an interesting comment on today's world of publishing. You might like it.
Come back here and tell us what you think, Okay?


  1. That would be great if that would happen with one of my books! I think that epublishing is the wave of the future, for the most part. I hope we continue to have books in print, also.

  2. Hi Joan,
    Your new epublished book is out for sale now, isn't it?
    I hope you have great success with your book and thanks for leaving a comment.
    Glenda Beall


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