Sunday, December 12, 2010


WRITERS MARKET is a necessary tool. Sooner or later every writer must sit down  and do the research necessary to get writing published in the correct place.  A lot of postage is wasted when writers send their poems, stories, and essays to the first publication they hear of or think about.  Check out Writers Market at the local library you say.  That is not always possible here in the heart of Appalachia. The local library in my town does not have Writers Market.  

I do not work for They pay me nothing.  Poets and Writers pay me nothing. Some of you know I care about writers and have given my time and energy to the writing community. In my December blog, I've offered some suggestions for buying books for your loved ones.  If you have a writer on your list, you might consider buying them a dictionary or printer's ink or copy paper, or a copy of the most recent Writers Market in their genre of writing. There is the thick book that covers all and the smaller books that zero in on Poets Market for Children's Writing and Illustrators, or for Poetry or Christian Writers or Novel and Short Story.

Want to buy Writers Market for yourself or for a writer on your list?  click on blue URL below.

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