Friday, August 20, 2010

MARY MIKE KELLER (From "Here Where I Am" blog)

When Mary Mike Keller read her poem "As the Deer" at our Gala Publication party for Echoes Across the Blue Ridge, hosted by City Lights Bookstore two weeks ago, I was swept away. It's a beautiful poem, and she read it beautifully. This poem is yet another reason to own a copy of Echoes. Go to the Echoes page on Facebook and take a look. Or the Netwest blog. You will find information on how to purchase the book.

As The Deer

The dulcimer drones tranquil

as the pick grazes across strings

as the deer across the glade

My thumb under f sharp mimics

her tongue curled to pluck

a blade intoned on b

Quietness slides along her body

my finger descending the string

in a smooth slur of music

The sweetness of the melody

new as young grass lingers

in the lea of my instrument

A barre chord trembles

I wait

for that last unfettered fret

----Mary Michelle Brodine Keller

Mary Mike reads her poem at the Gala event.


  1. Kay, Netwest Mountain Writers and Poets site came alive with your new post about Mary Mike Keller and her reading her poem "As The Deer" at the publication party.

  2. Mary Mike's poem "As the Deer" is one of my favorite poems, but she has many that I love to hear and to read.
    Thanks for featuring her here and for the photos.

  3. What an absolutely lovely lyric! I'll be sure to look for more from Mary Mike Keller.


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