Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jo Carolyn Beebe and Karen Holmes read to a full house at JCCFS

Karen Holmes impressed students from around the U.S. as well as locals with her powerful poetry Thursday evening at John C. Campbell Folk School. Karen is a recent member of Netwest. Enthusiastic and energetic, Karen is helping with the new Netwest anthology, and she publishes and edits the online newsletter, Netwest News. With her background as V.P. with ING corporation, she brings new ideas and talent to Netwest.

Jo Carolyn Beebe writes historical fiction. Her long time interest in genealogy provides fodder for her writing. At JCCFS Thursday evening the large audience enjoyed excerpts from her most recent young adult manuscript about Willie, a young boy in Mississippi during the War Between the States. With humor and mystery, she enthralled her listeners, and left everyone wanting more.


  1. I'm so glad this was well attended. It was high on my "to do" list but at the last minute I got sick and wasn't able to attend.

    Bravo Karen and Jo Carol.
    Sam Hoffer

  2. I miss so much 'reclused' up here working on the next book - ! dang!

  3. Thank for posting this Glenda. It was indeed a special night. I appreciate everyone who came to listen. I hadn't heard Jo Carolyn read before and really enjoyed her story.


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