Thursday, April 18, 2013

Deanna Klingel's mini blog, Selling Books

Deanna Klingel, from Transylvania County, NC, is author of a number of YA books. Her books sell and she knows what to do to reach her audience.

Beginning Monday, Deanna Klingel's 30-second mini blog will start a new mini series called "Selling Books." 

Deanna says, "Some of the posts will take more than 30 seconds, maybe a minute, but they are all taken from my journal, two years and 40,000 miles selling books. 

I've learned a lot about more than just selling books. Come join me. I'll post Mondays and Thursdays."   Deanna

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Judy Pierce said...

I am looking forward to what you have to say! My MG book, Tales from Farlandia: Ozette's Destiny, was released 6 weeks ago by Pants on Fire Press. It is doing well, and I have already done one book signing with my publisher and have two more planned. Marketing is not my area, so I am eager to learn whatever i can.