Friday, October 17, 2014

Brenda Kay Ledford's Poetry Book Published

Brenda Kay Ledford's poetry book, CREPE ROSES, was published by Kelsay Books, Aldrich Press in October, 2014.

The following blurbs describe the book:

CREPE ROSES, by Brenda Kay Ledford, is tithed to the deep mountains of the poet's beloved western North Carolina.  This stirring collection is the plat of the heart, a litany of memory that becomes palpable as the land itself.  Indeed memory, along with the Adamic impulse to name every signpost-to list those names in sorrow and triumph, to wander among them, crying out, as if they are lost, though they remain underfoot-is this book's constant, thrumming trope.  As the speaker attests in the poem, "Ceaseless Verse," "The poetry of the earth never ceases."  Nor does the reader's pleasure with these elegant poems.

--Joseph Bathanti, former Poet Laureate of North Carolina

CREPE ROSES by Brenda Kay Ledford is a patchwork quilt of experiences and memories pieced together with the skillful words of an established poet.  The multi-hued fragments give a view of the Blue Ridge where "moments tick like hours on the wrap-around porch."  The ancient Appalachians come alive in her poems as a "breeze ricochets across the porch resurrecting buried dreams."  A dedicated writer, her remembrances bring much to us all.  Settle down and visit Chunky Gal Mountain, Winding Stairs Gap, and Shewbird Mountain where a Full Wolf Moon spills honey.  A delightful read!

--C. Pleasants York, North Carolina Poetry Society President, Author of "Pleasantries, Weaver of Destiny" and "Dream Within A Dream

Brenda Kay Ledford's poetry book, CREPE ROSES, is available on

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Writers' Night Features 2 Young Harris College Poets

October 18: Please come hear the newest poets in town! 

Chelsea and Jim both teach at Young Harris College and are award-winning poets.

Please Note: There's been a slight change to Writers' Night Out: We no longer have a formal dinner service. Many of us just meet in The View Grill upstairs at the Union County Community Center for dinner or drinks. Then we have our program in the Ballroom at 7 p.m.

Click here for James May's wonderful poem that just placed in the prestigious Rattle Poetry contest. 

And read a fun Chelsea Rathburn poem here. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Keller and Gratton read at JCCFS October 16

Thursday, October 16th 7:00 p.m.
John C. Campbell Folk School
Brasstown, N C

Mary Mike Keller and Lucy Cole Gratton
will read their poems and stories 

The reading is  free and open to the public.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Netwest Scholarships for Fall Conference

The NCWN-West Scholarships are open to applications from NCWN members in NetWest counties who need aid to attend the conference. For more information, please e-mail

Why is it important to attend writers' conferences?

Quotes from Tony Abbott who will teach a poetry workshop at the NCWN Fall Conference:

Why do you feel it's important for writers to attend conferences such as the NCWN Fall Conference?
"When I first started writing, I had almost no contact with other writers, with people like me. Conferences give us a chance to be with one another and feel the support of others like ourselves. In North Carolina, especially, writers are a genuine community. You might meet someone at a conference who will become a true friend…."

What does it mean for writers to "Network?" Any tips? 
"When we founded the North Carolina Writers' Network we realized that many writers lived in communities where they felt isolated from many of the important things going on in writing centers like Raleigh, Durhm, Chapel Hill. To Network really means to be in touch with what is going on and to become a part of it. If Sharon Olds is coming to Duke, I want to know about it even if I live two or three hours away. A network can help keep me alive as a writer."

Can writing be taught? 
Yes. You can’t teach talent or genius. A gift is a gift, but we can always help people improve. We can teach people to be better writers than they are.

Registration for the fall conference is now open. To register, click here.