REGISTRATION FORM for A Day for Writers

A Day for Writers:    Saturday, May 6, 2017-- 9:00 AM-4:30 PM

Presented by: NCWN-West and the Jackson County Public Library, 
held at the library, 310 Keener St., Sylva, NC

Registration: 9:00-9:25 AM               Library phone: 828-586-2016 

Registration Form: 
Phone: Home________________         Cell________________________ 

Fees: (Registration fee includes pastry, coffee, cold drinks and cold lunch); 
Options are:
___$49/Member fee, after March 31, $59.00                   
___$35/Student fee
___$65/Non-Member fee, after March 31, $75.00

Or: Membership for NCWN plus conference fee: 
___$124/Conference fee and 1 year individual membership
___$179/Conference fee for 1 attendee plus one year household membership
___$104/Conf. fee and 1 year membership for 1 senior citizen/student/or disabled 

Please print 1 form for each registrant. Send form and payment (check or money order) to: Newton Smith, NCWN-WEST Treasurer, 6875 Canada Rd., Tuskaseegee, NC 28783

(No refunds after 4/15/2017)

Please check box for workshops you would like to attend (space limited)
___Kathryn Stripling Byer–2 hour poetry workshop 
___Tara Lynne Groth—Why authors need bylines and how to make that happen
___Deanna Klingel—The Merry Go Round of Children's Literature
___Catherine Carter—Free Verse Isn’t- Sound and Structure in Free Forms
___Glenda Council Beall—What is a memoir? Where do we begin?
___ Terry Kay - Fiction workshops
___ Gary Carden - Folk Drama
___ Publishing and Marketing Panel - Tom Davis, Deanna Klingel, Tara Lynne Groth

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